Meet the Dream Team


Rick Glickman

Founder and President of Dream Kitchens, Inc., Rick has been involved in commercial and residential kitchen design for almost 30 years. Utilizing his knowledge of restaurant design, he specializes in ethnic menu oriented kitchens. Rick is a creative space planner and is known for thinking outside of the box, both in his design and team system. You can contact Rick at:


Audrey LaVecchia

A kitchen and bathroom specialist who has been with the company since 1996, Audrey is a graduate from the nationally acclaimed Harrington Institute of Interior Design. Her experience in furniture and kitchen design linked with her love of cooking allows her to assist you in planning your “Dream” Kitchen. You can contact Audrey at:


Karen Feldheim

Karen comes to the Dream Kitchen team with a high end residential interior design background. She graduated from Columbia College and has had her hand in the many fields of design since 1993. She excels in picking colors and finishes which will surely make your kitchen or bath design unique. You can contact Karen at:


Melinda Gyorgy

Melinda earned her degree in Interior Design at Harper College and started working at Dream Kitchens in 2003. She balances her responsibilities as a designer and marketing assistant. Earning an additional degree in marketing from her homeland of Romania, Melinda adds an international flair to the design team. You can contact Melinda at:


Michelle Fontagneres

As the newest addition to the Dream Team, Michelle comes from a strong background in the service industry. These skills coupled with years of administrative expertise help Dream Kitchens and its sister company, Stone-Care Services, run smoothly and efficiently. You can contact Michelle at: