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Mexican Wedding Cakes


(Makes 2-3 Dozen Cookies)

A fun treat for any fiesta is Mexican Wedding Cakes, These delicate and delicious Mexican cookies are great crowd pleasers for happy occasions.

1 stick unsalted butter (room temp)
1/4 cup sugar
1 yolk
1/2 tsp. vanilla extract
1 Tbs. milk or cream
1/2 tsp. salt continue reading

Heavenly Hash


(4-6 servings)

August is the month in the Chicagoland area to take advantage of the great foods available at local farmer’s markets. Support your local farmers, eat foods picked at perfection, sharpen your knife and enjoy this versatile, simple vegetable dish. Be creative and add any veggies you love to eat. Breakfast, lunch or dinner, this dish is a pleaser. continue reading

Crostini of Sweet Cherry Relish and Goat Cheese


(yields 18 crostini)

Relish the bounty of sweet red cherries with this easy recipe.

1 c. fresh sweet cherries (about 5-1/2 oz., pitted and finely chopped
1/2 c. finely diced jícama
1 med. scallion (white and green parts), very thinly sliced
1 tsp. chopped fresh mint
1/2 tsp. red wine vinegar
Pinch of cayenne; more to taste continue reading

Chocolate Lava Cakes


(yields 6 servings)

Who can resist the allure of warm flowing chocolate in anything? Baked in individual ramekins and unmolded hot, molten cakes reward us with a gush of heavenly sauce at the plunge of our forks. Create this recipe for your family and friends or just as a self indulgent treat for yourself! continue reading

Chocolate Cherry Nut Clusters


(12 clusters)

Surprise your sweetie (and yourself) with a delectable and easily handmade Valentine’s Day treat. Just three simple ingredients make up these delightful treasures – rich, dark chocolate; chewy sweet and tart cherries; and toasted, crunchy almonds. A great way to say Happy Valentine’s Day! continue reading