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Seeing Double: Our approach to designing a kosher kitchen

A basic tenet of keeping kosher is the separation of dairy and meat. This includes food preparation, cooking utensils, cooking, and cleanup. Some kitchen designers might say “How hard can it be? I’ll give the client two sinks, two dishwashers and a double oven. Bingo! Kosher kitchen!” However, like understanding many ethnic customs, it is

Tips for Living Through a Kitchen Remodel

Life in your home during a kitchen remodel can be a challenge. Learning to live without a kitchen isn’t easy, and remodeling creates disorder and dust in your home. With some preparation, however, you can reduce the limitations and disruptions caused by a kitchen remodel. • Keep the right utensils and cookware handy When packing

Everyday Cabinet Care & Cleaning

How should I clean my kitchen cabinets? – is a question we often hear from our customers. Here is what the cabinet manufacturers recommend: Kitchen cabinetry is designed to withstand the daily use associated with normal household activities and should be treated like fine furniture. Cleaning wood, painted (opaque), melamine and thermofoil cabinetry: Clean cabinet